Parish Groups

St. Peter's Altar Society

St. Peter's Altar Society can evidence its history by a copy of a page of early records showing the names of ladies who were paying dues as members of the Altar Society in 1867, 1868 and 1869. Many prominent names are listed, including that of Mrs. Duncan who gave the land for St. Margaret's Hospital. Also included is the name of Mrs. Dowe, the grandmother of our John Dowe. It was said that the Society had a rather slow start: When Father (later Monsignor) Dennis Savage became pastor in 1875, he encouraged the Altar Society in their work and it became a flourishing organization which took care of the altar and all of its needs. The Altar Society financed its work by holding bake sales and bazaars. There is a strong bond of Christian love and faith among the dozen members of our Altar Society.

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Parish Council

Elected by the parish for three-year terms; meets on the fourth Thursday of each month to foster pastoral activity in the parish. This council assists the pastor in establishing goals based on the needs and wants of the parish and monitors the progress of the parish in meeting those goals. It also acts as a vehicle of communication by which the people of the parish may obtain an understanding of parish operations and have a voice in the policies. Members: PARISH COUNCIL                               Rick Harris—669-3433 (Chair)                               Michael Dean—558-5552 (Vice-Chair)                               John Johnston—303-4340 (Secretary) Bill Dean—356-5570                                       Marinella Lentis—649-7964 Gary Parker—235-3779                                 Audrey Phillips—328-5182 John Mastin—273-1222                                  Caterina Bristol—220-6298Dean—356-5570                          Fr. Sofiie Minutes: July 20, 2017 President's Annual Report


Parish Choir

Music has always been a very important part of St. Peter's. Music is essential in that it reinforces the readings and is not selected randomly without consideration of how it fits into the Mass. At the present time, the adult choir is the only active music organization in our parish. The adult choir sings for the 10:30 a.m. Mass each Sunday. We also sing duringHoly Week, Christmas and any special Masses such as priests anniversaries, funerals and the ordination of a priest. Our chior meets on Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. in the choir room in the school. No audition is required; all you have to do is come to practice. Being in the choir is a serious commitment because allmembers must come to practice and be at the Masses which we sing in order for the choir to function at its best.

Saint Anne's Guild

Saint Anne’s Guild was organized in 1939 to care for St. Peter’s altar, sanctuary and sacristy in cooperation with St. Peter's Altar Society. Throughout the years, we have also contributed to the care of the parish hall and other church property.  This year we have expanded our role in the church to include meeting the spiritual need of the women of St. Peters.   In addition to weekly care and cleaning of the interior of the church, we are responsible for the candles and altar cloths.  Did you ever wonder why the holy water fonts are always clean and filled? Or, how the Church is always tidy and inviting - a place of serene beauty and contemplation.  Our member volunteers are responsible for the clean church that you can enter every day of the year.  Our funds have helped to pay for items that need to be repaired and replaced.  One of our projects was the beautiful needlepoint kneelers that compliment the interior of our historic church.  We organize and fund the flowers on Feast Days, the poinsettias at Christmas, and the lilies at Easter.  We contributed to the upgrading of the Parish Hall, pay for repairs to vestments, and had the chalices re-plated.   Along with caring for the Church and fund-raising, the group has a social component.  Members meet monthly (second Monday) to carry out the business of the organization.  Meetings are held in either member homes or the Parish Hall.  We enjoy refreshments and camaraderie, and the opportunity to get acquainted and share ideas with others of our Catholic faith.  Each year we have a Christmas party and every summer we enjoy a St. Anne’s Feast Day lunch.  We welcome all women at St. Peter’s to join us, and help us carry out our mission.  If you are new to the parish, joining us would help you get to know folks.  If you are a stay at home mother, join us and bring the children to our meetings (we love kids).  If you are someone who has never had the time to join St. Anne’s Guild, please consider us again.  Twice a year we have evening meetings to accommodate those who work.  This group will afford you the opportunity to take an active and meaningful role in your church, share your talents, meet new friends, and have fun doing it.  We run our organization as a business with elected officers and we collect dues ($10 annually).   You will find that all St Anne’s members are active throughout our Church and can be found at Church functions and working in committees including the Burse Club, the Bereavement Committee, the Kitchen Crew, the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women, helping the cloistered Dominican Monastery of St. Jude, and other spiritual outreach programs.  If you are interested in joining the Guild, please call 834-6030 (Connie), 281 4310 (Dianne), or come to one of our advertised meetings.